Flags of Honor

2023 was a huge success! A special thank you to our firefighters for prepping the field for 1,000 flags to honor veterans!

We always have a great weekend with beautiful weather and many visitors! Thank you so much to everyone who comes to experience the Field of Honor® - a licensed program of the Colonial Flag Foundation.
A special thank you to all the hard work of the Quincy Service Club membership for volunteering for this patriotic event!
Field of Flags at night
Prepping the field for flag placement with water
Firefighters in a field spraying water
Firefighters in a field spraying water

Local firefighter crews are prepping the field - pictured are Lt. Jason Steinkamp, Lt. Brad Kendrick, FF Jeff Elsie, FF Spencer Roderick and FF Wade Murfin!

Honoring Our Veterans

We will again, this year, host a Field of Honor® - a licensed program of the Colonial Flag Foundation, in a tribute to our veterans on the grounds of the old St. Mary's Hospital at 15th & Broadway in Quincy. Those visiting the event are in for an awe-inspiring surprise – a grassy field posted with one thousand American flags presents an unforgettable panorama of red, white and blue.

We invite all to visit and support the flag display. Walk with us amid the ordered rows of Old Glory where each full-sized flag waves atop a seven foot white staff in a stirring formation. Standing amid the flags, we remember and reflect in a salute of the living to those who died defending our nation and way of life. It will truly give you a chill.

Replica of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
Replica of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier
2022 Flags of Honor
Photo Courtesy of Art Awerkamp

Flags of Honor

Show Your Patriotism and Support of Our Veterans

Imagine your neighborhood blanketed with a sea of flags next summer! In conjunction with the Field of Honor®, the Quincy Service Club announces the Flags of Honor program. For a subscription of $30 per year, a full-sized American Flag on a seven foot staff will be set up at your home (in Quincy) from dawn until dusk on Memorial Day, Flag Day, Independence Day and Labor Day. We'll set up and take down your flag on each of the four "flag days," then store it until the next time. Please register no less than four days prior to the day we set out the flags. Get your neighbors, families and friends involved and we can blanket entire neighborhoods with American Flags!

Proceeds from the Field of Honor® and Flags of Honor service are used to fund Quincy Service Club's programs of service in Americanism, Youth Activities, Community Service and the Prevention of Child Abuse. Your generosity is greatly appreciated! Thank You!

2022 Flags of Honor
Photo Courtesy of Art Awerkamp
American Flags in a field
Food trucks preparing for visitors

Field of Honor ®

The Colonial Flag Foundation's Field of Honor program is a powerful and poignant display that honors the sacrifices and service of military personnel, veterans, and first responders. Our program involves setting up a vast field filled with one thousand U.S. flags, representing a symbol of collective appreciation for those who have served to keep our country free.

The Field of Honor serves as a solemn and visually striking tribute, capturing the attention and hearts of all who witness it. The flags, meticulously placed in uniform rows, create a breathtaking sea of red, white, and blue, symbolizing unity, patriotism, and remembrance.

This program not only pays homage to those who have dedicated their lives to protecting their fellow citizens and upholding the values of freedom and democracy but also serves as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by individuals and their families. It provides an opportunity for the community to come together, reflect, and express gratitude for the bravery and selflessness exhibited by these heroes.

The Colonial Flag Foundation's Field of Honor program is more than just a display of flags; it is a deeply moving and unifying experience that encourages reflection, appreciation, and respect for those who have served and continue to serve our nation. It serves as a visible and impactful tribute that honors their contributions while inspiring individuals to carry forward the spirit of patriotism and service in their own lives.

Our Field of Honor is held annually on the weekend following Labor Day. The Flags Committee solicits sponsorships from foundations and businesses to underwrite the cost of flag replacement and has fundraising to support our other programs of service. All members are expected to help in some way during this project, whether through setting up, taking down the field, or manning the tent for one or more shifts during the weekend.

Flags of Honor

Our Flags of Honor program aims to promote patriotism, unity, and community engagement by distributing and displaying U.S. flags in residential yards on significant national holidays such as Independence Day, Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Flag Day. The program involves club members that coordinate and the Quincy Blue Devil Football team who distribute and retrieve the flags.

Quincy residents who participate in the program pay an annual fee to have a U.S. flag placed in their front yard or designated area for the duration of the holiday.

The program seeks to create a visually impactful and cohesive display of national pride throughout the community. It serves as a visible reminder of the values and sacrifices that the flag represents, honoring the nation's history, veterans, and those who have fought for freedom and democracy.

Participating in the "Flags of Honor" program provides residents with an opportunity to show their support for the country, express their patriotism, and contribute to a sense of unity within the community. It also serves as a source of inspiration and reflection, fostering conversations about the significance of the flag and the importance of national holidays.

Overall, the "Flags of Honor" program encourages community members to proudly display the U.S. flag in their yards, fostering a sense of collective appreciation for the nation and its values on important federal holidays.

Thank You 2023 Sponsors!

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