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The Freedom Gallery is a project of the Roots of Freedom Foundation, whose mission is to inspire youth, families, and citizens in general to understand, respect, and preserve for future generations the values, freedoms, and ideals established by the Founding Fathers and fundamental documents of the United Sates of America.

The centerpiece of the Roots of Freedom education program is the Freedom Gallery. This stunning 23-piece display presents the story of America's founding in a visually stimulating manner. The Freedom Gallery was created to be a beautiful addition to any public or corporate building. Some schools refer to their gallery as the "learning wall" because of the many life lessons which are taught.

Each document contains a storyboard and replica of a famous portrait that explains a particular piece of American History from the events that led to our declaration of independence from England through the ratification of the United States Constitution and Bill of Rights.

The Club is proud to sponsor the placement of these Galleries in local schools and government buildings. Galleries are currently on display at both Quincy Senior High School and Quincy Notre Dame.

Freedom Gallery 1
Freedom Gallery 2
Freedom Gallery 3
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