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Welcome to the Quincy Service Club Foundation - where we keep our community close to the heart and service as the pulse of our existence. Guided by a rich legacy of over a century-long service and dedication, we are a newly formed organization with hearts that have been pounding for Quincy for many years. Our mission is deeply ingrained in the principles of Americanism, community service, youth activities, scholarships, and the prevention of child abuse.

We are stationed at the crossroads of diversity and integrity, executing a variety of projects that reflect our commitment and celebrate our community. From the extraordinary Field of Honor® event that annually hoists 1,000 U.S. Flags, to the joyous organization of the Little People's Golf Championships, we take pride in embracing both grandeur and simplicity.

Old-time photo of men at Quincy Mall
Field of Honor® - a licensed program of the Colonial Flag Foundation - Getting the field ready for visitors
Field of Honor® - a licensed program of the Colonial Flag Foundation - Getting the field ready for visitors

At Quincy Service Club Foundation, we honor our first responders, acknowledge our unsung heroes, and work tirelessly to uplift the lives of those who live in the shadows of society. We believe that everyone deserves a shot at success, and hence, we award scholarships to not only the most audacious but also to those who have valiantly overcome physical or mental barriers to graduate.

Our commitment extends across generations as we facilitate connections between grade schoolers and residents of the Veteran's home who might feel isolated from family bonds. Christmas is a time of cheer and we ensure nobody misses out as we provide dinner and presents for ones who have been displaced from abusive situations.

Elderly man sitting on Santa's life
Teenagers with hands in a circle

But we are not just about addressing the aftermath, we also fund agencies that work relentlessly to intercept and prevent these abuse situations before they occur. Our vision is woven with threads of care, compassion, and unwavering belief in the power of unity and community service.

Join us, as we continue writing this legacy, fostering connections, and making an enduring difference in the lives we touch. Welcome to Quincy Service Club Foundation, where hearts devote, hands serve, and hope thrives.

Christmas Lights Washington Park, Quincy, IL
Looking back at Christmas 1948 & Wonderland in Washington Park
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