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It has been said that our Club is all about kids and veterans and that sums up what we do. We provide scholarships to seniors, encourage sportsmanship among athletes and fans, and financial support for schools, including the deaf and hard of hearing program and other youth organizations. Below you'll find our youth program descriptions and history.

Dr. Lenny Biallas

Youth of the Year Program

Each year, six high school seniors, three each from Quincy Notre Dame and Quincy Senior High Schools, are selected to receive recognition as the Youth of the Month by the Club. Recognition includes lunch for the student and family, their high school counselor and school principal at a club meeting. Each student receives a handsome Lucite award in recognition of their accomplishment. These six recipients are then tasked with submitting an essay, based on a topic selected by the youth committee of the club, which is then judged for selection as the Youth of the Year. Beginning with the 2023-2024 school year, the Club has chosen to honor Dr. Len Biallas, who served for many years on the Youth Committee until his death in 2022. In addition to being a long-time member of the club, Lenny was an educator, receiving degrees from the University of Notre Dame, Holy Cross College and his Doctorate from the Catholic Institute in Paris, France. A professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Quincy University from 1973-2004, he chaired the division for 12 years. A world traveler, Lenny taught in Paris, Rome, India, Uganda, Kaunas, Lithuania, and Viet Nam and lectured in eight different countries in his 53 years as a professor. The recipient of the Dr. Len Biallas Award will receive a college scholarship of $2,500 from the Club.

Golden Deeds

2022 - 2023 Youth of the Year Award
Pooja Ghanekar

Pooja Ghanekar and family
Citizen of the Year

2022 - 2023 James "Bud" Willer Award
Skyler Wilhoit

Bud Willer Skyler Wilhoit 2023

James “Bud” Willer Award

The Bud Willer Award annually recognizes a high school student who has overcome mental or physical disabilities or made dramatic changes in their life or attitudes and performance to enable them to graduate. Adversities can include child abuse, drug abuse, medical or physical handicaps or any other disability that has disadvantaged the student during their school years. A 1970 article in the Quincy Herald Whig recognized Bud for his 25 years of portraying Santa Claus in Washington Park. He retired from playing Santa in 1971. Bud was a well-known athlete in high school and college, playing quarterback and running track for both the Blue Devils and the Iowa Hawkeyes. He lettered three years in football at Iowa and was a member of the Iowa relay team that once set a world record in the 480 yard run. After graduation, Bud sold Putnam dyes and was later named director of Adult Education Programs of the Works Progress Administration (WPA). During World War II, he served in Army Counterintelligence in France, Germany, and Czechoslovakia. Beginning in 1940 until his retirement in 1977, Bud was a rehabilitation counselor for the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation. At the time, his 37 years in the position was longer than any other counselor in the state. Following his death in April 1978, the Bud Willer Award was established to honor Bud's legacy of working with those who required vocational rehabilitation. The recipient of the James “Bud” Willer Award will also receive a college scholarship of $2,500 from the Club.

Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing

Christmas Program

Since December 15, 1962, the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program of Quincy Public Schools has been providing heartwarming Christmas programs to service organizations. Fast forward 60 years, and this cherished tradition continues to captivate our members and students alike, who eagerly anticipate the annual event. As soon as the school year commences, students and teachers embark on planning the delightful songs and skits they will present to the Club in December, while also dedicating themselves to crafting enchanting costumes. Historically scheduled on the first Friday of December, the Club treats attendees to a delightful "kid-friendly" meal and extends a warm invitation to the families of the students, encouraging them to witness the captivating performances of their children. Following the conclusion of the skits and songs, the venerable figure of Old Saint Nick makes his grand entrance, attentively listening to the students' Christmas wishes and generously distributing gifts among the young attendees. To further support the program, the Club also makes a financial contribution, assisting with expenses that may not be covered by the public school budget.

Santa with kids and adults
Kids in Christmas costumes with Santa
Little Peoples Golf Championship Logo
Introducing the Quincy Service Club’s newest project

Pepsi Little People's Junior Golf Tournament

The Pepsi Little People's Junior Golf Tournament is an esteemed event catered to boys and girls aged 3 to 18. It has been held annually in Quincy, Illinois, USA, since 1974. Starting from its 51st edition in 2024, the Quincy Service Club will take on the responsibility of hosting the tournament. Over the past 50 years, Little People's has welcomed approximately 24,000 junior golfers and their families. Many of these participants have gone on to pursue successful careers in professional golf, playing on prestigious tours such as the PGA, LPGA, European, Korn Ferry, PGA Champions, Sunshine, Symetra, and others. Others have excelled as college players, golf professionals, coaches, or in various golf-related businesses.

Kids with golf clubs

The Pepsi Little People's tournament holds significant recognition and affiliations within the junior golf community:

AJGA Performance Based Entry System: In 2023, the tournament has been included in the AJGA Performance Based Entry system, offering Performance Stars to participants in the boys/girls 14-18 and 12-13 age divisions.

Qualification Opportunities: Little People's serves as a qualifier for various prestigious events, including the 2023 IMG Academy Junior World Golf Championship and the 2023 Future Champions Golf. Additionally, it is a qualifier for the 2023 PLAY Junior Golf Tour in Canada, providing valuable opportunities for boys and girls aged 5 through 14.

Rankings: The tournament holds rankings in renowned junior golf platforms, including the Junior Golf Scoreboard for boys and girls aged 10-18, the Golf Week/Sagarin Junior Rankings for boys and girls aged 14-18, and the Global Junior Golf Rankings for boys and girls aged 5-18.

The tournament schedule encompasses several exciting activities and competitive rounds:

Sunday Activities: The tournament kicks off each year on Father's Day (Sunday) with optional events such as the Applebee's Parent-Child event, putting contest, and driving contest, providing an enjoyable start for participants and their families.

Teenager golfing
Golf club and ball

Monday Practice Rounds: Participants engage in practice rounds on Monday to familiarize themselves with the golf course. Additionally, an Applebee's Closest to the Pin Contest takes place, adding a fun element to the day.

Family Celebration Picnic: Monday night is dedicated to the Family Celebration Picnic, fostering a sense of community and enjoyment for all participants and their families.

Tuesday and Wednesday Competition: The primary competition takes place on Tuesday and Wednesday, featuring various divisions for boys and girls. Participants showcase their skills and compete for victory during these two action-packed days.

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