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Honoring Volunteers Throughout the Years

Each year, the Quincy Service Club honors a truly deserving person or persons for their humanitarian efforts. We are again offering the digital form below to submit your nominee. Please also provide as many letters as possible supporting your nomination with our easy file upload at the bottom of this form. These can be from family, friends, acquaintances or others who have experience with the nominee. Or mail the printed form and letters to P.O. Box 1163, Quincy, IL 62306 or email to dcd@klingner.com

And thank you for your recognizing Quincy's Book of Golden Deeds in our area! 

Quincy's Book of Golden Deeds

  • Qualifications: Quincy’s Book of Golden Deeds is awarded annually to a recipient who is sincere about helping the community, has an exceptional track record of continued, unselfish giving and enjoys volunteering to help others. He or she can be from any walk of life, and should be someone who deserves acclaim for “golden” deeds that often go unrecognized.
  • Please also provide as many letters as possible supporting your nomination. These can be from family, friends, acquaintances or others who have experience with the nominee. Applications are due on or before March 18, 2024. Submit to P.O. Box 1163, Quincy, IL 62306 or email to dcd@klingner.com.
  • Max. file size: 50 MB.

Coordinating Quincy's Book of Golden Deeds

Nomination and Selection Process:

Each year, we invite the public to submit nominations for the Book of Golden Deeds award. We receive heartfelt nomination letters detailing the outstanding work and impact of deserving volunteers. Our dedicated committee members review and assess these letters to select a recipient who has displayed exceptional dedication, commitment, and made significant contributions to the betterment of Quincy.

The Book of Golden Deeds:

To commemorate the chosen recipient, we compile all the nomination letters into a bound "Book of Golden Deeds." This book serves as a symbol of gratitude and admiration for the recipient's exemplary service. It is presented to the recipient during a banquet held in May, where we gather to honor and celebrate their achievements. A second copy of the book is preserved in the Illinois Room at the Quincy Public Library, ensuring a lasting tribute to their remarkable contributions.

Celebration Banquet:

The recipient is recognized and celebrated at a special banquet, attended by past recipients, and esteemed members of our community. This festive event brings together a network of dedicated volunteers and community leaders, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for their collective efforts.

Honoring Unsung Heroes:

While some of our past recipients, such as former Quincy Mayor Chuck Scholz, are well-known figures, the majority of awardees have been the unsung heroes working diligently behind the scenes. These quiet, dedicated volunteers contribute to the strength and vitality of their respective organizations, leaving an indelible impact on Quincy.

Committee Responsibilities:

In addition to selecting the recipient, our committee undertakes the planning and coordination of the celebration banquet. This includes organizing the event logistics, extending invitations to past recipients, and securing speakers who can inspire and uplift attendees.

The Book of Golden Deeds award has been a cherished tradition for 70 years, representing our deep appreciation for the exceptional volunteers who shape the fabric of our community. By recognizing their selfless acts and documenting their stories in the Book, we hope to inspire others to follow them and make a positive difference in Quincy.

Jim Heckenkamp Photo
2022 Quincy's Book of Golden Deeds Winner - Jim Heckenkamp
Year Quincy's Book of Golden Deeds Honorees
2022-23 Jim Heckenkamp
2021-22 Chuck Scholz
2020-21 Adams County Healthcare Professionals
2019-20 Harold Mast
2018-19 Kirk Frageman
2017-18 Pat & Kevin Steinkamp
2016-17 Margaret “Marg” Andrews
2015-16 Jack Mackenzie
2014-15 Phil Conover
2013-14 Patty Adam
2012-13 JoAnn Witte
2011-12 Hazel Mills
2010-11 Tom Behrens
2009-10 Phyllis Smith
2008-09 Kevin Curran
2007-08 Jerry Mast
2006-07 Ada Himes
2005-06 Bill Hageman
2004-05 Herb Wellman
2003-04 Randy McFarland
2002-03 Linda Dillman
2001-02 Betty Wiewel
2000-01 Melvin Koch
1999-00 Harold Phillips
1998-99 Raymond Hinkamper
1997-98 Carl Landrum
1996-97 Russell Hess Sr
1995-96 Thomas Gott
1994-95 Isabelle & Bernie Willer
1993-94 Roger Mohrman
1992-93 Arlene Foley
1991-92 Martha Muegge
1990-91 Thomas Awerkamp
1989-90 Marjorie Hudson
1988-89 Wilhelmina (Billie) Brod
1987-88 Donald Heckenkamp
1986-87 Joanne Ortworth
1985-86 George Parsons
1984-85 Marie Sloan
1983-84 Mary Ann Gullen
1982-83 Carlene Geisler
1981-82 Minnie Schlinkman
1980-81 Doris Penington
1979-80 Mrs. John French
1978-79 Betty Pracht
1977-78 Kathleen Peters-Druffel
1976-77 R S Brackman
1975-76 Ethel Fletcher
1974-75 Joe Bonansinga
1973-74 Ruth Logan
1972-73 Generivieve Klingele
1971-72 Howard Wear
1970-71 Ralph Meyers
1969-70 Edward Altmix
1968-69 Thomas Oakley
1967-68 Helen Smith
1966-67 Irma Jones
1965-66 George Durst Sr
1964-65 Deloris Hase
1963-64 Ralph “Doc” Wiegmann
1962-63 Mary McAllister
1961-62 Dr. Harold Swanberg
1960-61 Helen Jarrett
1959-60 James Primrose
1958-59 C H Swinehart
1957-58 Fabiola Moorman
1956-57 Lawrence Steinkamp
1955-56 John Inghram Sr
1954-55 Eugene Kirkpatrick
1953-54 Mabel Ahern
1952-53 Harry Lov
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