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Stars and Stripes for Kids

The "Stars and Stripes for Kids" program is a festive and engaging initiative that aims to distribute U.S. flags along a parade route to “kids of all ages.” This program seeks to instill a sense of patriotism, pride, and excitement by allowing children to wave their own small American flags as they enjoy the parade festivities.

The program involves club members who are responsible for handing out the flags to children along the parade route. Members are easily identifiable with club shirts and hats, creating a fun and recognizable presence. They are equipped with bundles of small U.S. flags to distribute to eager children lining the streets.

As the Club carries a 20’ x 30’ American Flag in the parade, members move through the crowds, interacting with children and offering them flags to hold and wave. The children are encouraged to embrace the spirit of celebration and patriotism by proudly displaying their flags as the parade floats, marching bands, and other participants pass by.

The "Stars and Stripes for Kids" program not only creates a vibrant and colorful scene with the sight of waving flags but also provides an interactive and educational experience for children. It helps foster a connection to national symbols and encourages a sense of unity and appreciation for the country's history, values, and diverse community.

By distributing flags to kids of all ages, the program promotes inclusivity and ensures that everyone has the opportunity to participate and feel a part of the celebration. It brings joy and excitement to the parade experience, making it even more memorable for the young attendees.

Children at the Field of Honor® - a licensed program of the Colonial Flag Foundation
Children at the Field of Honor® - a licensed program of the Colonial Flag Foundation
Large flag being held along a parade route
American Flag being escorted down parade route by Boy Scouts
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