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Bill Hageman

Honoring our Leaders Throughout the Years

Every year the Quincy Service Club recognizes an exceptional member for his supreme efforts to provide a superior contribution to the Quincy Service Club and the local community. This prestigious award seeks to honor a member who is active in the organization through participation in recruitment, club leadership positions, major club committees, projects, and fundraisers. The award also seeks to recognize individuals who give countless hours of their time to volunteer and consistently display a positive attitude while doing so. In 2007, the Member of the Year award was named in honor of the late Bill Hageman, the first recipient of the award in 1975.

2022-23 Member of the Year
Doug Greenwell

Doug Greenwell Hageman Award
Year Bill Hageman Member of the Year Award Winners
2022-23 Doug Greenwell
2021-22 Erik Dolieslager
2020-21 Brian Koch
2019-20 Joel Koch
2018-19 John Johannes
2017-18 Doug Greenwell
2016-17 Cullan Duke
2015-16 Perry Terwelp
2014-15 Art Awerkamp
2013-14 Jeff Dorsey
2012-13 Curt Moore
2011-12 Vic Welper
2010-11 Dennis Koch
2009-10 Gerald “Sonny” Christner
2008-09 Steve Green
2007-08 Jared Haugh
2006-07 Fred Lauder
2005-06 Tim Wiewell
2004-05 Steve Peters
2003-04 Rick Gengenbacher
2002-03 Steve Wellman
2001-02 Woody Cannon
2000-01 Rick Goughner
1999-00 Eric Schultz
1998-99 Tom Darnell
1997-98 John Spring
1996-97 Gary Peters
1995-96 Skip Rueter
1994-95 Roger Francour
1993-94 Kirk Frageman
1992-93 Max Johnson
1991-92 Mike Lavery
1990-91 Mel Dillman
1989-90 John Tripp
1988-89 Kevin O’Donnell
1987-88 Tom Klitz
1986-87 John Wilson
1985-86 Rick Haugh
1984-85 Phil Conover/John Ortworth
1983-84 Ken Klingele
1982-83 Walt Wellman
1981-82 Dick Beasley
1980-81 S T Longoria
1979-80 Harold Stroot
1978-79 Slim Sommerville
1977-78 Dick Siefert
1976-77 Tom Awerkamp
1975-76 Bill Hageman
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